It’s last year,5th day of July 2008 when VJ Isak,Evan of click-B and the rest of the Pops in Seoul staffs and crews came to the Philippines and celebrated their 1000th episode. I am so proud to say that i am one of those Kpop Fanatics who made “history” in Manila Film Center in Pasay city,Manila…

It seemed that the venue was too small for those overwhelming fans(including me of course!) to do the whole fangirling,and well Fanboying thing.

I was a TVXQ fan,or a member of Cassiopeia Philippines that time and so i am a SHINee fan now or SHINee world(SHAWOL) but i’m still loyal to CassPh.But in order to support my friend’s FansClub(FC) which is Fly To The Sky Philippines,i accompanied her and the rest of her FC members.

What happened to that Kpop party was awesome and definitely ONE of the most exciting “fanboying” thing that that happened in my life,and still i’m so glad that Pops in Seoul will return here this November as VJ Isak said in a video of her.

I came to the venue so early,maybe 11am sumthing,but the kpop party is expected start at around 3pm. So there i was seating in front of the Venue’s main entrance when i saw this shuttle looking bus,and i knew that that it was a korean company or tourist bus and i was so shocked when i saw VJ Isak and evan walikng in front of me towards the main entrance of the venue. but i was just like “Oh,there they are,i’m even earlier than them.” and i just gave them a cold stare and,that’s very usual for a fan and i’s what they call “starstrucked”.

Amd as time passed,it’s nearly 3pm and there goes these fans from  different FC’s including Cassiopeia Philippines, FTTSPH,Cloud Philippines,Shinhwa philippines,SHNee WORLD philippines and so on…I was even mistaken for a Cloud Philippines member(Rain’s FC) ’cause i was wearing a sky-blue shirt and a white vest that time so i have no doubt why this cute pinay but korean-looking girl was standing beside m,waiting for her co-members..

And yes! when they started to let the people get inside the venue as rhe show will start in a few minutes,me and my friends was so excited and…and….and….I STARTED TO FEEL GOOSEBUMPS AROUND MY BODY! but NO,this is no scary thing,i just had goosebumps just because the time that i entered the venue,it was SHINee’s Replay(noona neomu yeppeo) playing in the projector! WOW! O________________o I LURVE SHINEE!!!! the only Kpop group that makes my heart beats so fast^^

okay,as the show stars,VJ Isak came out of the stage singing Christina Aguilera’s I turn to you. Man,she’s totally AWESOME! at first glance i thought of her as Marian Rivera‘s Look-alike…but afterthe whole performance and after the whole time that i was staring at her,she’s very far different from marian. And there goes Evan who performed the song This Love by Marron5. the only thing that i can say about him is that HE IS VERY FLAWLESS AND WHITE! man,he’s even prettier than VJ Isak,yes,you read that right.prettier.

And for the last part of the show,VJ Isak came out of the stage for the last time singing Rihanna’s Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh that’s where the whole crowd goes wild and goes singing with her with matching hands raising…

The show lasted for an hour but the the taping for the whole episode lasted for another hour. and that’s when i finally got my chance to meet and greet VJ Isak^^ i even got her Autograph sign and hey,i don’t care about your autograph unless you’re Onew,Jonghyun,Minho or any of the SHINee boys but hey!VJ ISAK is some kind of a role model^^ she’s one of the celebrities i look up to especially when i met her.

So when it’s my turn to get here autograph,i embarrasingly said “Tangshineun Areumdap geunyo!”,that means, “You are so pretty” in korean,but hey! she flashed her killing smile to me and that means she liked what i said to her^^

photo courtesy of Azrael Colladilla

photo courtesy of Azrael Colladilla

She’s very very very kind and she’s no touch of being suplada.and so there’s what happened to the Pops in Seoul event last year.I really hope they will combeack next month^^


Cassiopeia Philippines,The largest and most succesful Kpop FC in the philippines is inviting all kpop fans or should i say,EVERYONE to join their biggest Kpop Project!

THE VERY FIRST Philippine Kpop Convention! watch out for upcoming announcements on KPOPCON.INFO..



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